6 Ways to Optimize Your Listings for Sales


Learnings from Interviews with Hatch Users

We recently conducted a series of ‘usability tests’ with savvy shoppers browsing and choosing items to buy on Hatch. We wanted to share with you some of the most important things we’ve found so that you can dramatically increase your conversion rates on your Hatch product listings (and elsewhere!).

1. Show your colors:

Customers need to see their color options, not just read the words. Many of you have a swatch image but don’t put it in your listing, instead providing it to customers after they send you a message. You may be missing out on sales because of customers who move without contacting you in the first place. Add your color swatch image to your listing.


2. Tell users whether you provide mockups (feel free to charge!):

One of the top questions and concerns our testers had was whether sellers who create custom designs would provide a mockup beforehand. You should specify whether this is part of your process in your product description. You can also create a hotspot to ask users whether they want a mockup, and automatically charge an additional fee if they want it.

Example: Create a hotspot called “Mockup”

Example: Charge an extra $10 if the customer chooses mockup service


3. Shorten and format your product descriptions: 

We found that users strongly prefer short, bulleted product descriptions, with 1-2 lines of editorial description, and Material, Color, and Dimensions information clearly labeled and broken out. We’ve noticed many Hatch listings with long, keyword-filled descriptions. While this can help marginally with search and discovery on our site, Hatch is more of a browsing-based experience and we think the overall effect can be to decrease your conversion rate by 20% or more. Edit your product descriptions.

4. Show jewelry on people: 

The number one feedback we consistently get about jewelry listings is that shoppers need to see the jewelry on a person. This helps to determine size and scale. You may be worried that your model isn’t dazzling enough; that doesn’t matter! You don’t have to show a face; take some shots from the neck down. Also be sure to list the size of the item as shoppers are often worried that the piece will be smaller or larger than they’d like.


5. Build more shipping costs into your product price: 

If a user sees that you’re charging $12 in shipping for a $25 item, they are *much* less likely to buy this item from you than if you were to charge $37 with “free” shipping. People don’t like to pay for shipping, so you can get around this by bundling more of your actual costs into the actual price. Many of our most successful Hatch sellers are doing this very effectively and converting more users into buyers. Update your pricing.

6. Get specific about materials: 

Add a line in your product description that is clearly labeled ‘Material’ and be very specific. For example, if you make jewelry, ‘silver’ is not good enough. Customers will wonder if this means sterling silver, silver plated or something else. And instead of asking you, they’ll often move on to another listing that is clearer. Add more materials information to your listing.


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