Hatch Original: Shelby


Name: Shelby
Spends Her Time: Editing Quarterlette
Lives: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn


Hatch: Hi Shelby, tell us a little about yourself – where you’re from etc.

Shelby: I grew up in Fairfield, CT, and then went to college in Central NY. After four years in Ithaca (broken up by one five-month study abroad stint in London) I moved to New York City.

H: So, which part of NYC are you inhabiting these days?

S: Well, after seven and a half years as a Manhattan girl, I recently moved to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. My new building is a brownstone that the owner just renovated, and he kept a lot of the original details of the building, which I love!

I’ve moved several times (typical New Yorker), but there are certain things I take from place to place that just feel like home, like an antique wooden chest my parents bought before I was born and a framed London Underground ad swiped from the Tube circa 2005 (shhhh!!).


H: That’s amazing, we love items with sentimental value. What are a few more of your favorite items?

S: I like bringing jewelry and art back from vacations as souvenirs. Some of my favorites are a necklace made by a local designer in Dubrovnik, Croatia and a watercolor painting of a Portuguese landscape from my latest travel adventure. I also got a cute knit ear warmer this winter from Hatch that’s carried me through the polar vortex. The only thing I love more than the big knit flower on it is the name of the brand – Meg’s Knit Shit. My most recent Hatch find was this monogrammed ring – it’s really delicate and simple, and has that subtle personalized touch.



Custom Business Card Case and Holder by Glassology from $18
Personalized Initial Ring, Gold Copper by Sora Designs from $15
Hand Knit Headband by Meg’s Knit Shit from $28

H: Definitely, what are you working on now?

S: By day I work in advertising, and by night and weekend I’m the Editor of Quarterlette.com – an online magazine for women in their 20’s and 30’s navigating their “quarter lives.” Every day, women (some professional writers, most not) share their experiences with us, and I work with them to refine the writing and really bring their stories to life.

lighter headband

H: Quarterlette was called one of the top ten sites for millennial women by Forbes, how did it get started?

S: Quarterlette was founded by two friends of mine, Emily and Rachel, and part of what makes it special is the idea was born out of their own personal experiences. They were looking for a resource to help them navigate the complicated landscape of their twenties, and when they didn’t see a resource that really spoke to them, they created it.


H: Wow, that’s just like Hatch, we couldn’t find a place to easily get custom and made to order goods, so we created one! Since Quarterlette is for navigating your quarter-life, what’s your most unique ‘quarter-life’ experience?

S: About two years ago, a week or so after we officially launched Quarterlette, I took a trip with my girlfriends to Croatia. It was the longest vacation I had ever taken from work – 10 days of being (almost) completely off the grid. In that time I realized that the world at the office could go on without me, that I had absolutely earned the right to take some time away, and that one trip a year that totally breaks me out of my normal routine is essential to my sanity!


H: Always Take that Vacation! You’ve earned it!


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