Meet Tatiana of Arrow Jewelry based in London. We asked her how Arrow Jewelry got started, what inspires her, and more.


Hatch: So, where are you from and where do you live now?Arrow Jewelry:  I grew up in Chicago, but for the past two years have been living on the East side of London, near London Fields, with my tiny dog Caramel, and husband.  I am surrounded by young, creative, beautiful women who are all running their own small businesses.

H: Caramel! What a cute dog name! How did you start making jewelry?A: I started my business after a chance encounter with a pile of scrap door hinges 5 years ago.  Even though i had never made any jewelry I was instantly inspired, and asked if I could bring the door hardware home with me. I made a few necklaces from them and after they sold quite quickly, I was addicted to creating things! Hatch is a great place for makers like me to sell their goods if they offer many different customizable options. The ability to add so many options to your product listing is quite unique!

H: Wow, so door hinges were your very first inspiration?! What other things inspire you?A: My inspiration tends to hit me at strange times…  Just as I am about to fall asleep, in the shower (best time to do any serious thinking!), or mid conversation! Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a big city like London, but its amazing the things you can notice if you stay present in your surroundings.  I love to try and notice something different each time I go down a familiar street, or take a different route each time i go somewhere.  Seeing new things and collecting all of these shapes and textures can be very inspiring.



H: Absolutely. What else do you think, makes Arrow Jewelry completely unique?A: Each of my items are unique because they are made by my hands and not by machines.  You can really see the process of making each item within the piece.  You can see where I melted to points together, you can sometimes see where I was holding the wax, because my fingerprints are visable in the finished metal.  You can see filing marks, and slight imperfections.  Maybe i filed too much in one spot, or maybe i sneezed and filed a divot into a band.  Each one is imperfect because it is made by a human, and I love that about handmade items.  They have soul.


H: Definitely, an item is deeply connected to it’s maker just as it is connected to the buyer. What’s your favorite item you’ve ever made?

A: I have made a few engagement rings that I just loved doing. It is super wonderful to be making something for someone to wear every day of their life as a symbol of their partner’s love for them. So, when I have these men come to me with a vision of what they want to give their one true love, it is amazing to be a part of that!  I love the stories I get after they propose and to see how happy these two newly engaged people are!

H: That is amazing! To close, give us one fun fact!

A: I have hugged Hulk Hogan!

About Arrow Jewelry:

Based out of her small workshop that was built inside of a shipping container in London, England, Tatiana hand makes each of her pieces to perfectly fit her customers. She uses an ancient method called “lost wax casting” to create the mold. What results is one of a kind jewelry that doesn’t hide the lovely imperfections of a hand at work.