6 Totally Unique Rustic Style Pieces


Rustic Chic has been a huge trend in home decorating. From reclaimed wood to industrial style furniture, a rustic piece can give any home a huge dose of character. Whether you’re decorating a small Manhattan apartment, homey summer lake house, or a family style house,  these six pieces are on point with the latest trend while still being unique and custom to your tastes.

1. Handmade Reclaimed Wood and Upholstered Bed frames big_IMG_6440 Looking for that perfect new bed for your space but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Croft House uses repurposed wood and recycled steel to build beautiful bedroom furniture. All of their wood is from old architecture around the US!

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2. Vintage Industrial Bar Cart/Liquor Cabinet or  Sideboard big_il_fullxfull.437358439_rn5h If you’re trying to maximize space in a little dwelling this is the perfect portable bar. This handcrafted Bar Cart/liquor cabinet by Combine 9 is made of steel and reclaimed wood and can be built larger or smaller to fit your home. You can also change the doors or shelves, use a different wood, or make it in a different color, etc. Combine 9 specializes in reclaimed wood, and have several options for you to choose from (sometimes they even have a selection of historical wood available!) making it truly a unique piece!

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3. Warehouse Cart Coffee Tables cart-in-customers-home If you love a centerpiece with a story, nothing is better than repurposing something old into something new! These early 20th century warehouse carts were once used to transport materials around factories and thanks to Iron Hammer Designs are being reborn as stylish, elegant, beautifully rustic pieces of furniture. The carts are taken apart, stripped, sanded, stained and polyurethaned and the cast iron hardware is washed and painted (if customer chooses). Iron Hammer Designs tries to leave the nicks, dings, and cracks in the carts because they all tell a story about where the cart has been.

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4. Reclaimed Wood Custom Dining Table Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table  Reclaimed Wood and Steel Dining Table Whether you live in a large space or a small space, this table is the perfect fit for both. Having benches allows you to tuck them under the table when not in use leaving extra room to walk where chairs would normally have sat. This industrial style dining table by Croft House uses repurposed wood and recycled steel. All of their wood is from old architecture around the US. The style can be tweaked to create a dining table in any combination of steel and wood you envision.

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5. Kitchen or Dining Table Farm Style big_IMG_0363 Moving away from the rustic industrial style for a more homey rustic feel, these gorgeous Farm Tables are beautiful and feminine. Farm Tables Plus More create their Farm Table tops from solid wood planks. They come in two styles: Aged, a time worn look (worn down edges, cracks, dents/dings) or smooth, leaving the wood as is with its natural imperfections.

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6. Live Edge Dining Table


This Live Edge Table brings reclaimed wood into your home in a more sophisticated way. Handcrafted to maintain the actual edge of the tree this table was cut from, Nature’s Knots Custom Furniture uses pecan stain and satin lacquer for a smooth finish. Every table is different depending on the tree it is made from.

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