How to Salvage Father’s Day When You’re Too Late to Be On Time

Ok, let’s not lie to ourselves, we’ve all been late on a Father’s Day gift or maybe a Sibling’s birthday at least once or twice. But not to fear! Despite the fact that Father’s Day is June 15th (mere days away!) you can still salvage this holiday with two simple steps.

1. Order a gift that will get there late, but make sure the gift is really cool so you create the illusion that it was “worth the wait” even though you could have just ordered it earlier and actually gotten it there on time. But SHHH! that’s our little secret.

Here are 4 gifts that qualify for the above operation:


This iPad stand is cool and modern, in fact its maker Eric Farrell is super inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright! Plus, it’s handmade so it looks super expensive but is actually pretty reasonable for being a custom piece. Lastly, it holds Dad’s tech toys. Dads always love that.

custom stamp


If Dad loves to read and you are on a budget this is the perfect late gift to hit him with. This stamp has his name on it in a beautiful well-designed way. Custom design takes a long, long time (or so he will think)! You can even add his address so the book can be returned in the event he loses it.

P.S. You should probably get Dad some Ink Pads to go with his stamp! Office Max has some very reasonably priced ones!


The other way to show Dad you care even if it’s late is by getting him something expensive, like this gorgeously handcrafted leather watch that was modeled after Nathan Drake’s from the Uncharted series and was featured in Time out New York’s fashion issue in sept 2011. NBD.

engraved photo frame

And if none of those work for you, appeal to the heart. This engraved photo frame is perfect because you can add the names of the family, customize it with the location you took the trip or even add a phrase like “I Love You Dad.” You put thought into this! No Dad can be upset his gift is late when you’ve immortalized family memories!

2. Send Dad a thoughtful card that WILL get there on time and assures him a fantastic gift is on the way!

You might not be able to get that awesome gift there on time but a card usually only takes a few days, so get your act together and at least get a card there on time!

Find a funny card in the store or you can customize your own card on to say whatever you want if you happen to be a comedic genius.

Father's Day Cards