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How to Salvage Father’s Day When You’re Too Late to Be On Time

Ok, let’s not lie to ourselves, we’ve all been late on a Father’s Day gift or maybe a Sibling’s birthday at least once or twice. But not to fear! Despite the fact that Father’s Day is June 15th (mere days away!) you can still salvage this holiday with two simple steps.



10 Awesome Quirky Gifts for Dad

10 quirky gifts fathers day

Tired of getting Dad the same thing every year? Or perhaps Dad has very niche interests? These 10 gifts are perfect for giving Dad that “Wow” factor plus, we’re pretty sure he doesn’t already have them!


The 9 Best Gadget Holders/Cases For Dad

best gadget holders for dad

Does your Dad have a Kindle, iPad, AND Macbook Pro? Does he know about the hot new app that makes your pictures look like a Polaroid photo from the original 1947 camera AND prints directly out on your printer via your WiFi network (that doesn’t actually exist…yet).  Does your Father often get the new generation of iPhone before you do?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone – the Tech Dad is a phenomenon sweeping the nation, with my own father among them. Or maybe your dad just got his very first iPhone and still doesn’t know how to text. Either way, he needs a cool and functional case to make sure his tech toys stay in top notch condition! (more…)