How to Brighten Up Your Space Without Redesigning It

Breakfast nook


It’s summertime and you probably want your home to reflect those fun summer vibes. We can bet that redecorating is out of the question due to time and budget restrictions. So how can you quickly and easily add a pop of color and a summer feel to a space? With easy to install, easy to take down wall decorations!

1. Custom Garlands

Custom garlands are a simple and cost effective way to make your area look cheerful in a jiffy! It’s perfect for above a breakfast nook, along a fireplace mantle, or even your office desk space. The beauty of custom garlands is that you can design it to fit the existing space perfectly while adding a little something extra. Light weight and easy to put up and take down, they can be hung with tape for a super temporary decoration or nails for a more permanent look.

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2. Wall Letters

Putting a big word on your wall is a quick attention grabber. Whether you want to write something related to the space like “DINNER TIME” in the kitchen, or simply your family name to brighten up a living room like “JONES,” block letters can add color and meaning to a room.

Create Custom Letters >>

3. Plants, Plants, Plants!

Spring and Summertime means more light and that means more plants! A little greenery will always make your  house look right in step with the season. Succulents are popular right now because they don’t require a lot of watering. Of course, if you’re worried about the maintenance or low light, you can always cheat and get fake plants. Just make sure you have super cute pots and holders!

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Do you know of any other quick ways to brighten up a room? Leave your ideas in the comments!

The 9 Best Gadget Holders/Cases For Dad

best gadget holders for dad

Does your Dad have a Kindle, iPad, AND Macbook Pro? Does he know about the hot new app that makes your pictures look like a Polaroid photo from the original 1947 camera AND prints directly out on your printer via your WiFi network (that doesn’t actually exist…yet).  Does your Father often get the new generation of iPhone before you do?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone – the Tech Dad is a phenomenon sweeping the nation, with my own father among them. Or maybe your dad just got his very first iPhone and still doesn’t know how to text. Either way, he needs a cool and functional case to make sure his tech toys stay in top notch condition! (more…)

Maker Spotlight: Walnut Studiolo

“Handmade is attention to detail the whole process long. It’s the hand eye conversation. Handmade means there are going to be quirks, that it’s going to be original, they’re going to be one of a kind – each and every one of them.” – Geoffrey Franklin, founder of Walnut Studiolo


Hatch Makes Time Inc.’s Top 10 NYC Startups to Watch for 2014

And we’re not only deeply honored, but still pinching ourselves to make sure it’s real!


It seems like only yesterday that we started Hatch from the couch in Ryan’s West Village apartment. Our mission was to create a different kind of retail experience, a place where you didn’t just have to settle for things that were “good enough.” We wanted Hatch to be the kind of place where you could put you own personal touch on any product you saw (jewelry, home decor, accessories etc.) and have that product made-to-order just for you, resulting in something that is meaningful, creative, and utterly unique.

As a founder, you rarely look up to take in what your team has created because you’re so focused on hitting the next milestone and the one after that, not to mention just surviving. While the road ahead remains long, this moment is a wonderful opportunity to reflect just how far our mighty team of 8 has come along since that time on Ryan’s couch. In just under 2 years, Hatch has become home to 1000 curated makers from 18 different countries and over 3000 customizable products (resulting in over 50,000 unique product combinations) that can be personalized to your heart’s content. We’ve brought together customers and makers who were 10,000 miles apart to create unique, made-to-order items that simply couldn’t be found in a regular store.

Thank you Time Magazine for recognizing our work and giving us a reason to stop and celebrate.


-Anastasia & Ryan, on behalf of the entire Hatch team

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